Roberley Bell  

An Object A Day

May 1 - 31, 2015

An Object A Day was a thirty day project while in residence at Chesterwood, the home of the American sculptor Daniel Chester French. The intent of the project was to document my discoveries and experiences each day, as I explored the studio, the family residence, and Chesterwood's formal gardens and woodland paths, culminating with the creation of an object a day, based on direct and immediate responses to sources of inspiration. The time constraint affords a possible freedom from judgment. It forced me to work quickly, spontaneously and intuitively and to honestly allow impulses that may otherwise be edited out or omitted. The forms in the end serve as a distillation of the visual impulses absorbed through the process of looking, thinking, and reflecting upon my daily encounters at Chesterwood. The process became a creative exercise an experiment in finding form, ultimately the starting point for all of my work. Accompaning the forms each day were a series of cards that corresponded to the the ongoing evolution of each form as I found myself returning days later to a form I had previously started. The cards include both visual and written notation and serve as a record of thinking out loud.

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