Roberley Bell  


Hallwalls Contemporary Art Center, Buffalo, NY, 2007
Sculptures of pigmented fiberglass and foam with mixed media, inflatables, bird sensors, preserved butterflies, and single-track video.

Becoming Blurred merges the real with the imaginative, continuing my examination on the nature of nature. Th e installation consists of a series of Flower Blob sculptures, their intensely artificial surfaces mediating what is real. The plastic flowers, novelty birds, and beaded fruit insert an organic touch into the purposely false. Accompanied by Flutter, a wall installation of swarming then dispersing preserved butterflies, and Cardinal, a silent video of a bird filmed from the kitchen window, reveal nature as nature. Together, the elements of the installation focus on the distinction between the real and the resemblance of such and the space that falls between.

       © 2016 Roberley Bell